Ladies, meet today’s spotlight Tosha!  Tosha is a smart and gorgeous sista from the great state of Georgia!  Let’s check out what Tosha has to say about her style:

Tell us about yourself. 

I’m a 29 year old woman who works full-time at a physician practice as an operations manager. I live in Atlanta where I enjoy reading, watching movies, spending time with family and friends, shopping, and enjoying all the fine dining Atlanta has to offer. I’ve found that, in my spare time, I also enjoy planning events for friends and family. Maybe I’ll make a business out of it some day. I believe that having a good life is all about having the right attitude. If you put negative energy out, that’s what you’ll get in return. But if you have a positive attitude and outlook, watch how even the darkest situations can turn around because of your positive energy.

Describe your personal style.

I would describe my personal style as classic with a funky edge. I like pieces that are timeless but that have a fun and stylish flair to them. I like to play with color, patterns, and detailing that make what could be considered more basic pieces come to life when the outfit is all put together.

Prada Holiday Cocktail Party

How do you keep your style fashion forward yet affordable?

I’m not a label junky. If it’s something I like, I don’t mind picking up cute pieces from just about any store. And I’m not afraid to try things on. I might pick up something that looks only slightly interesting on the hanger and find that it comes to life when I put it on. I keep up with fashion trends by subscribing to People Stylewatch. I’ll see what people are wearing and try to put my own personal spin on it.

Where do you like to shop?

My favorite store is K-La. It’s a boutique where you can find one-of-a-kind pieces but at fairly affordable prices. If I’m looking to make a cheap purchase, I often run into places like Target, Conway, or Old Navy and put something cute together. If I’m looking for some truly unique pieces and don’t mind to spend a little money, I’ll head to Anthropologie.


Yes, that’s me (Shay) in the yellow. I had to get it in with my girl on her birthday!

What items do you think are splurge worthy?

I will splurge on premium denim and shoes. There’s nothing better than a great pair of jeans that fit well and have the right wash. And shoes are my weakness. When I come across a bad pair of shoes, I’m usually swiping my credit card before I’ve even had an opportunity to check the price.

Any parting words of wisdom for the Slashed Style community?

My advice is to avoid spending lots of money on trendy pieces that will be out of style just as quickly as they came in. Shop your cheaper stores for those kinds of items, and if you are willing to shell out a little more cash for quality, classic pieces, do that. You tend to pay a premium for quality clothing and accessories, but if you shop the right stores and watch out for sales, you can find those quality pieces at affordable prices.


I have always loved Tosha’s style.  Although I don’t have more pics to truly show you her range, my girl is on point 365!

What do you think about what Tosha had to say about her style?

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